Foreign Orders

The Eifeltor Mühle is a mail-order-service for hand papermakers and paper artists. We offer raw materials, additives and tools. We also send supplies to countries outside of Germany.


Please write us with your order via email, so that we can calculate the costs and inform you about the amount.


Another option is to  order through the shop system and put in Germany as the delivery country. Please write a short comment with your correct address in the comment box (Anmerkung) provided. We will then send you the invoice with the final product and shipping costs.


Please note, all shipments must be pre-paid! 


We offer:


Fibers: Cotton linters, hemp, flax, abaca, kozo, gampi, pine

Additives: Formation aid, starch, calcium carbonate, sizing, kaolin, fixative for pigments, pottash

Pigments: The international pigment numbers are listed on the website

Iridescent pigments

Tools and miscellaneous: Moulds and deckles in sizes A5, A4, A3 and special sizes in either wood frame and deckle with wove or laid metal screening: Beginners mould envelope deckles, felts, pulper

Books about paper making 


Shipping costs to countries outside of Germany:


The charges for a package to countries within the European Union (Including Great Britain, Sweden & Finland) are 

small package (up to 2kg)    € 15,50

2kg - 5kg                                 € 25,50

5kg - 10kg                               € 31,50

10kg - 20kg                             € 41,50

20kg - 31,5kg                          € 51,50


Other transportation cost on request. The weight of the package includes the weight of the packaging materials.

Here you can find an overview of all our Products

Eifeltor Mühle Product List in English 2018
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Please contact us if you have any questions

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